Honestly I don’t know too much about Eva Be beside she aims from inspirational centre of the music world, Berlin and that her new EP for the ever reliable Poker Flat stable is absolutely amazing in quite some aspects. Nowadays good solid House Music has become relatively rare but this EP is a nice exception to the rule as it contains three tracks that all have a certain oldschool flavour to it. ‘Delight’ kicks things off on the A side, a low-slung groove wirth Chicago-esque percussion that pops out of the speakers. Some of Eva’s love for dub and reggae is also present – vocals and chord stabs echo and shimmer across the track.
‘Breathe’ is the pick of the EP for me, a relentless House Track that reminds us on the good old rave days where Old School House music would crossover to the mainstream.
Flip the wax and ‘Pills’ is the third offering for this release – precise-yet-wonky drums, breakbeats, deep pads and synth lines that gel together into a perfect, hedonistic whole.
All in all this is an amazing EP and a promise for future Eva Be releases!

4.5 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX