Normally I’m more a fan of Kerri Chandler’s main label Madhouse, but just recently Madtech has had some astonishing output. Having welcomed London based DJ/producer Made By Pete and South African talent Hilton Caswell alongside esteemed Sony ATV vocalist Jem Cooke to deliver ‘Remember’ back in 2017, the label now invites admired German producer Tim Engelhardt, Iranian Habischman and track originator Made By Pete to deliver an eclectic array of remixes for 2019.
Cologne’s Tim Engelhardt opens the package with a medley of trademark, silky melodic professions, where a deceptive lulling calm is broken by deep, driving sub swells and silvery vocals, before Made By Pete’s ‘Acoustic Mix’ strips back ‘Remember’ to the bare essentials, highlighting Jem Cooke’s stellar isolated vocals amidst striking string and piano accompaniments. Finally it’s up to Habischman who for myself delivers the mix of the package with a bubbling bass heavy no nonsense House Mix that just does sooo well on my dancefloors theses days and has developed into a secret weapon within my recent gigs. Well done all involved!

4 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX