As The Field, Axel Willner is one of the big names on the Kompakt roster, and with every release his music seems to grow in stature and power. ‘Infinite Moment’ continues the outward trend, with some big tracks that sound amazing on headphones. The loops melodic loops make themselves known, dressed in fuzzy textures, but it’s about the overall hypnotic effect rather than picking out individual melodies, so that you can listen to the same fragments of music for close on a quarter of an hour without ever getting tired of them. The title track is arguably the most effective of these with its loping beat, full bass and overtones, and the feeling is that the whole album builds up to this wide open piece of positive harmony, its treble sounds up in the sky but its bass more or less beneath the ground. Willner is making some really exciting music just now, and will surely extend still further to take on more classical structures. Hopefully his beats will remain in tow, for ‘Infinite Moment’ brings them together in arguably his best album yet.

Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5