The third album from the Derbyshire instrumental trio Haiku Salut builds on their ability to make beautifully constructed electronic music, knitted together with bold colours and sparkling textures. Where they really score highly is in the way they incorporate more traditional instruments into their music, using the accordion and the xylophone to great effect in tracks like ‘Occupy’, which hypnotises with its gently pulsing bass and in its playful loops. This music can move between delicate lines for the more fragile instruments but then gets unexpected power when the drums and bass kick in, and all the elements are together like a colourful patchwork. If you haven’t seen the trio’s Lamp Show tour then it comes highly recommended over the next few weeks, for their music gains even more when performed with the vintage lights that are programmed to flicker in time with it. There is something very quaint and English about Haiku Salut, but don’t make the mistake of assuming they are twee. ‘There Is No Elsewhere’ confirms the depth they have always provided in their music, which casts a lasting spell on those who come into contact with it. Give it a try if you haven’t already!

Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5