OK, so it’s been out a while, but Fjaak’s self-titled album demands a review on account of its quality. The Berlin-based trio make bold music that is both upfront and varied, from the rolling beats and big, sweeping breakdown of ‘Sixteen Levels’ through to the utterly brilliant ‘Fjkslktr’, an instrumental track with Modeselektor that passes through a number of wonderfully dense textures, with a stabbing bass and brilliant drum track. ‘Das Programm’ is great, driving techno, ‘Against The Clock’ is another effective combination of rolling, quasi drum ‘n’ bass beats and spacey electronics, while ‘Snow’ is an incredibly vivid and pictorial piece of music that shows off Fjaak’s imagination. If you’re late to this like me, get on board and enjoy the thrilling ride.
Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5

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