Few producers are as on a streak as hot as Franky Rizardo right now. The Dutchman has made a name for himself on labels like Solar and Defected and now hammers home the point that he is a real tastemaker with this new EP on Nick Curly’s 8Bit.

First out of the blocks is Deep Space, a slick tech tune with warm, enveloping sub bass that sweeps you off your feet. It’s a crisp, sharp edged tune that is designed to get the whole club marching, and it will. Gravity Push is more loose and thoughtful, with whispy pads and gurgling bass all adding to the feeling that you’re adrift in outer space. Mercury closes things out with watery synths and chattery claps over more rolling drums. It’s a moody and atmospheric tune that rounds out an EP which shows Franky still has many tricks up his sleeve.

Gravity Push is out now! Grab it here: