Fresh Poison ‘Laconico’ (incl. Carrying Ghosts and AERZ Remixes) Hike Recordings

Up and coming German label, Hike Recordings continue to put their stamp on the global Techno map with the debut release from upcoming Italian duo Fresh Poison. ‘Laconico’ is bound by a hypnotic groove that bubbles with haunting synth stabs and perpetual arpeggios. Carrying Ghosts deliver a darker remix, injecting menacing beats and eery sounds. ‘Epigrafico’ is teased with ethereal synth washes and obscure melodies, all underpinned by minimal beats and a low slung bass current. Hike Recordings boss AERZ cooks up a driving hi-hat led remix, powered by aggressive synth attacks and ethereal electronica. Fresh!
4/5 Ratha Gud