Seven years is an age in music, and it would be easy to forget some bands even exist in that time, given the amount of new stuff there is on offer! There is always room for Gang Gang Dance however, as the New Yorkers have a refreshingly unique way of approaching things. ‘Kazuashita’, which it seems translates to ‘future peace’, concentrates on the heady vocal of Lizzi Bougatsos for much of this expansive album. It can be dreamy, as in the floated delivery of the piano-led J-TREE, with its powerful message against environmental destruction, or it can be more urgent, as when the title track applies more rhythmic power. In truth the album might benefit from a more percussive approach, but the band still have their unique sound and ability to conjure something unusually affecting. It’s good to have them back.
Ben Hogwood
3 out of 5


Gang Gang Dance - Lotus (Official Audio)