You gotta hand it to Ben Watt: he doesn’t let the grass grown under his size 10’s – just when we were starting to pigeonhole his label as the UK equivalent of MAW, and he flips the script from the smooth and polished to edgy and cutting edge. A record that could best be described as a female Streets delivered over a musical homage to vintage Chicago house productions from the ‘Promised Land’. Estelle breathes tangible depth to her nonchalant tale of shoplifting and rocky road that lies ahead for children of the ghetto. ‘Attack, Attack, Attack’ finds Philly MC Baby Blak offering a starker dimension to his story of musical mayhem and the roots of a movement set to another vintage melody; this paying respect to the Detroit-stylings of Larry Heard. Deep? As in a well.

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Lewis Dene