There’s something charmingly endearing about the latest release from French label Carton Pate. From the lovable artwork straight on through to the tunes on offer, it’s immediately obvious that this is a release keen not to take itself too seriously. And while there might be a novelty edge to some of what’s going down here, there’s no doubt that much of what Denise Rules sum up will go down a treat on the floor. Not quite easing us in is the sounds of ’93 Feet’, a full-on sound assault that’s sure to have you quaking in your boots thanks to its pummeling low-end and unrelenting piano chords. A kitchen sink approach to modern electronica it may be, but it just, just, strikes home for all the right reasons. ‘Out of Tune’, however, is my pick of the lot. Sure to be a fan with Dance Mania devotees and Boys Noize fanboys, the 909 has been pushed to its limit with this powerful workout. ‘Deep’ is a star-gazing insight into the sound galaxy, before Nikitch closes with a remix of ’93 Feet’ that’s very contemporary in sound and structure. A job well done, we’re sure you’ll agree.

4 out of 5

Reviewed by Ian Fleming