Filthy Rich vs Dirty Freak

It’s always a party when Filthy Rich is around, but not a jump about and hug your mates affair- often it’s more of a heads down, let’s do some serious grinding to the bassline type of gig. We have been a big fan of Rich ever since his Dirty Freak track set phasors to stun and ably demonstrated just how much dancefloor energy could be sucked out of a bassline and scramming a bag of effects. Following his Big Love debut on the first Electro Love album Seamus Haji was at the head of the queue to capture some more of that dark atmospheric club sound and has managed to squeeze four new tracks out of the filthy one to form this EP. It’s all big room, industrial strength club business, with edges of progressive house and electro. All four tracks rip heavily and it’s the final track that has been worrying our one’s and two’s consistently for the last month or so. “Smack the Fridge” is a dark brooding club cut with a killer bassline and attitude that you need in your box.

4 Out Of 5