The excellent Serialism label run by Cesare VS Disorders is back with another on point EP, this time from Frank Haag. Haag serves up some slick originals and also gets remixed in fine fashion by Canadian electronic legend The Mole. Two tracks are also included as a bonus if you buy the EP digitally, so overall it is a meaty package.

Dutchman Haag is an established producer who has secured some big hits before now. Some came on this label and some were cheeky bootleg, but here he is in fine form once more. Up first, ‘Les Ruines de la Soiree’ is a seven minute tech house number that has wobbly synths and slick hi hats really locking you into the groove. When You Leave is more spaced out and minimal, with jazzy hi hats off time and rubbery beats really coming on with a funky edge. The Mole then remixes into a typically synthetic and trippy number with rich bass, tumbling hits and freaky late night vibes. Honore Syndicate is then a bumpy house number with lots of freeform Rhodes chords bringing a jazz feel, and the two digital cuts offering a more stripped back and wonky minimal techno excellence that will no doubt find its way into bags of the likes of Ricardo Villalobos.

Reviewed by Ian Fleming