Emiliano Comollo is a Turin based artist who has been on a fine run of form for ages. A resident DJ at Doctor Sax Club and a regular on labels like Cyclic Records, it is now Parallel who enlist him for a couple of hot original tracks as well as getting Roi Okev to remix. The results are truly compelling.

Keller is up first and is a deep and dubbed out track that is stripped right back to its core components. Still, it packs a big punch and will lock any knowing dance floor right onto its groove. It shows a mastery of production many can only aspire to, and the second original is not far behind. Called Hoag, this one is another bubbly, warm and organic roller with muffled female vocals adding a nice romantic and insular feel to the beats. The first of two remixes from Roi Okev then flips the track into much slower and even deeper climates with spaced out pads and lazy beats sucking you in. The second take on Hoag by the same man is pulsing and synthetic, but also has a nice layering of bendy synth tones to it that makes it melodic and magic.

Reviewed by Ian Fleming