GH is the simple alias of Geoffrey Huber, a self-confessed electronic music ‘addict’ and a man whose sound incorporates everything from deep to tech to progressive house into the rich equation. For his debut LP, he perks up on the Pennsylvania label, Stem & Leaf, thanks to the considered strands of Audio Democracy, a stirring and haunting full-length that goes some way to explaining the producer’s undoubted studio nous. Huber, lest you be unaware, runs the label alongside his close friend Michael Hanlon, and all things considered, it’s the perfect place for his brilliantly assured sound. The album is full of cosmic and sci-fi synths from the off (such as on the brilliant ‘Entropy’) and it’s immediately apparent that this is an album designed to move hearts as well as minds. Full of futuristic leanings but also dancefloor prowess, it’s the kind of listen that makes you think, all the time keeping you on your toes and trying to predict what’s next. A similar range of tracks follow in quick succession, from the uptempo (‘Fractals’, ‘Pythagoreans Symphony’) to the more considered such as ‘Floating Rock’ and one of my own picks of the bunch, the exceptional title track that comprises ‘Audio Democracy’. A breathy and unpredictable track full of wonderment, it’s indicative of someone like Underworld at their best – and is most definitely suited to a stadium-esque domain. From here, the highlight come thick and fast (‘Sacred Geometry’ with the vocals of Stephanie Kay’ is another such effort), while the second half of the album is defined by the likes of the string-fuelled ‘Persistance;, a track with its own Balearic sheen. If you’re looking for an album that’ll fit many moods (as well as get you into the mood for the summer season that’s finally on the horizon), then chances are Audio Democracy will fit the bill. Top work all round.

5 out of 5

Reviewed by Ian Fleming