Harold Heath
Super Real EP
Lost My Dog

It’s been three years since the Oslo duo unleashed their self-titled debut album, in effect launching the cosmic disco movement to become one of dance music’s most quietly-insidious and repeatedly mindblowing movements. Since then they’ve released solo albums and started labels but now join forces again for the long-awaited follow-up. As might’ve been expected, it’s incredible: the space gazelle’s Saturn-straddling hallucino-knackers, more organic in feel with live-sounding synth textures intertwining with inter-galactic melodic rushes with no gaps between tracks. Tracks like ‘For Ett Slikk Og Ingentino’ evoke mid-period Pink Floyd hooking up with Giorgio Moroder behind the Cat People sofa while the joyous ‘Skal Vi Proeve Naa?’ shows how adept these two are whipping up a mood – in this case, absolute joy and content in these times of trouble. The overall mood is lush, serene, innovative and bears repeated listens where yet more delights will be uncovered, still shimmering under the dazzling beams of their beloved 80s Italo-disco. And just to show who rules the space disco roost, ‘Rothaus’ and ‘Rett Paa’ [with melon-stretching phasing] throb up a sublime multi-hued storm. Nobody did it like these two then and a lot have followed since, creating their own individual cosmic worlds in the process. Now they’ve returned to take the music on again and created one of the undoubted albums of the year in the process.

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Kris Needs