Josh Winiberg – Awakening EP – (Plus Plus Records)

Good hear to hear piano edging back into the spotlight again and when it’s played as well as this then all good. Josh Winiberg’s unfussy yet emotive keys almost feel as though they should be heard all on their own, although with a suitably uncomplicated drum section this works very well on, ‘Weeping Willow’. The Florisz Janvier remix then explores the ambient aspects of the track alongside some skilful drum programming, with Jason Bay’s epic eleven minute version expanding all sorts of creativity. Next, the title track again delves into effective moody territory, and is complimented by the first rate Re-Drum remix which eases down the tempo while adding more effects to aid the dreamlike quality of their version. Leaving SAES to pick it up again and rely on more edgy electronics to heighten the tension.

4 out of 5

Reviewed by Greg Fenton