With a DNA that is informed by the global techno movement, OLGA is an alternative outlet for tougher club music that aims to subvert expectation, reconstruct diverse musical patterns and foster freestyle creativity. It comes from the people at the D Edge club in Brazil and is now onto its second release. The artist behind it is Lacozta, a talented duo from Brazil made up of L_ cio and Daniel Cozta who are regulars at the club itself when they play live. They offer up three new cuts that are well chiselled and dark and emotive.

Each one offers something different and proves the artists behind them have many skills and sounds up their sleeves. My favourite is actually the last one. Jejum Pra Cura is a broken beat with hiccuping kicks and rave sirens all carrying you into another world. The melodies are pixel thin but full of colour and the corrugated bass really jumps out at you. Treze is then a more subdued and triumphant techno roller with big bold melodies draped over slithering drums. It is for a main room somewhere and will stop everyone in their tracks. Last but not least, Simples is a dark, heavy, heads down groover for the dead of night. It is a no frills cut that is full of great energy and techno menace.

Reviewed by Ian Fleming