Mark Wilkinson & Kenny Thomas ‘Sweet Sweet Music’ (LIFE REMIXED MUSIC)


Kenny Thomas for me has one of the best non black voices in the world and after getting the chance of remixing one of his tracks a few years back, I kept following him closely via socials. There he kept his followers in the loop about the dramatic fight his daughter Christina has fought since she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour at the age of four. Doctors gave her only six months to live. Kenny however wanted to take on the fight just as Christina and described her numerous medical treatments at various places in this world, very precisely. It was and still is a breath taking story-a story only real life can serve. Christina has come through hard times and pain with faith and positive energy and is now 8 years old. She still needs very expensive medical treatment and that’s why some charity concerts with her father have taken place-and now there is a blinding track together with legendary Mark Wilkinson (who I haven’t seen in a while) whose sales will also go directly to the family who still take care about the young lady.

The track itself is like relict of the glory times of Soulful House. Superb driving beats match perfectly with smooth keys and a funky bassline which altogether give Kenny’s voice the backing it needs to result in a memorable House track. Heavyweights like Michele Chiavarini and Toni Economides are on board too and deliver a soulful nugget you will hardly find these days. I hope it will sell tons-for Christina and the quality of the music.

Reviewed by MANNIX

4.5 out of 5