Pause – Inertia – (Carton-pâte Records)

Pause is a man that knows how he likes his techno and it more often than not, is dark, dirty and devastating. This release has his signature all over it and he wastes no time in diving in with ‘Lunar Attraction’. It’s a real foot stomper that goes off on various tangents, and while its approach is slightly kitchen-sink esque, it actually works a real treat.

Next up we have ‘Back To Black’. It’s a blistering affair and has a vocal that would bring atmosphere to any disconcerting dance floor as well as a snare beat to die for. ‘Inertia’ is another gruff, raw and macho techno banger with sharp edges and coarse drums that just keep on rolling and the release is finished off with ‘1-2gt’ that has fast paced rhythm with a drilling bass and piston like percussion that injects energy straight into the listeners veins with real aplomb. Pause is a man with a real sense of how to take people on musical journey and a great listen.

4 out of 5

Reviewed by Ian Fleming