Simtek, Dubz – Electronic Chaos (Endemic Digital)

A regular trend observed these days is to see producers and DJs who have spent at least the last decade (plus) cutting their teeth in the clubs, honing their dance floor observation skills and fine-tuning a production instinct which can only be informed by several years of well-earned experience go on to make good with that knowledge and pull some authentic underground bangers out of the bag. Following the familiar drill of ‘seasoned DJ/production duo make waves and about time too’, best friends SimzTek & Dubz, AKA Baron Simms and Dubz Hill have done just that.

Having spend the preceding years working independently and collaborating with other artists, Simms and Hill decided last year that the time was right to enter the studio together and fuse their individual styles and influences. The results are worthy of the kind of results they will no doubt receive.

On this two track offering we see some good variation. Depending on your tastes you could try Shimmer, a tough tech house stormer which will cut the mustard on the most discerning of dancefloors with diced and sliced vocals to latch onto, fearless percussion elements and sweet sidechained risers to drive you wild. Dropped into the mix while the night is going full tilt will doubtless make the impact you’re looking for.

Alternatively, try Road Rage, a different animal altogether. Funkier, deeper, with short stabby chords, plummeting wibbly modulation on the VCO, lush breakdowns and a hypnotic vocal hook which will get under your skin. Perfect for when your night is building to its peak, or any time at all really.

All in all, a credible release and worthy of investigation.

4 out of 5

Reviewed by Dave Stalker