RM Records continues to turn heads with their on point club sounds. This next release comes from an Edinburgh based talent in the form of Hudson, who is really on the rise and impresses once more with his latest efforts, which come in the form of four great house cuts designed to make a big impact. Across the EP he offers different styles and sounds that show he has a real breadth and depth to his sound.

Up first, Body Without Soul is six minutes of locked in deep house with silky synths, lush vocals and a warm, humid feel that cannot fail to make you feel nice inside. Eighty is more upright and drum driven, with crisp hits and elastic drums all bouncing along with a free sense of playful fun. Then comes Look Both Ways, which again flips the script and offers garage influenced beats with a real scraping percussive groove. Moonshine then rounds out the EP with real skill. It is a six and a half minute gem with well sculpted drums, synths full of feeling and fire in it stones. Drop this on the floor and watch it go wild.

Reviewed by: Ian Fleming