Simina Grigoriu is a truly multi-national musical talent. She was born in Romania but born in Toronto and initially had a deep love for hip hop. As the years rolled on, though, she turned to house and techno and eventually ended up living in Berlin. As such her sounds today are inspired by legends like Jeff Mills and Adam Beyer and now she has a couple of new jams incoming on the great HMWL label.

Hop Scotch is up first and is a slick and energised cut with twisting and turning synths making you want to move your booty. Vocals add heat to the groove and it really is inspired from the off. Just Plane Drunk is a deeper, more heady and hypnotic cut that goes even quicker than the first. It is full of atmosphere and surely will sweep up anyone on the floor. Last but not least is a remix from Swedes John H & M.E.E.O who has previously appeared on labels like Drumcode and Event Horizon. Their take on things is super smooth, seductive and deep and really gets you in a trance.

Reviewed by: Ian Fleming