Brighton-based duo Immersion – Wire’s Colin Newman and Malka Spigel of Minimal Compact – return with another album of instrumental goodness, bringing the warm and hazy early mornings and late evenings of this wonderful summer an ideal soundtrack. There is a greater range of musical colour here than on previous album ‘Analogue Creatures Living On An Island’, which was itself an excellent piece of work, but this has a greater urgency and more obvious grooves. ‘Off Grid’ is a lovely, lazy track and a lasting riff, while ‘Propulsoid’ gives it more Krautrock, its rhythms propelled by the drumming of Holy Fuck’s Matt Schultz. The track that shows how far Immersion are now casting the net is ‘Io’, a richly coloured and densely textured piece that rounds off a warm hearted album of instrumental beauties. Hopefully this duo will continue to reap the rewards of a musical collaboration that has plenty of good chemistry.
Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5


Microclimate by Immersion