First things first, if you didn’t know already – this is NOT David Schwimmer’s first foray into electronic music – though it is intriguing to think what that might have sounded like! No, this is the quirkily named project of Felix Clary Weatherall, an enjoyable album that enjoys a sense of humour and a keen imagination in the studio. ‘Thank God I’m A Lizard’ is a nippy but spacey groove that sets the tone nicely, enjoying a few twists and turns while refreshing the musical palette. Just as quick but injecting some more funk is ‘Project Cybersyn’, where you’ll definitely be up for getting up and dancing, and while you’re up there ‘Don’t Wake Dad’ will also be a warm-hearted treat with its loping beat and vocal snatches. Weatherall knows a good hook when he hears one, but like his experienced namesake Andy (who as far as I can tell is not his father!) he knows how to make music for the head as well as the feet. ‘Family Portrait’, then, is personal but explores a number of different and very stimulating grooves along the way. It’s well worth getting acquainted with.
Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5