As its name implies, ‘Addendum’ is a companion piece to last year’s ‘Screen Memories’, making these albums numbers five and six in the career of John Maus. The American electronic meister continues to charm, dazzle and baffle in equal measure with a mixture of pertinent lyrics and quite spiky electronic music. On this occasion it has a shorter attention span and sounds more instinctive, Maus moving around with a winning blend of catchy melodies and a mostly optimistic outlook. ‘Running Man’ and ‘Outer Space’ are great examples of this, and so is ‘Dumpster Baby’, with its lyrical hook of ‘take the baby to the dump’ the catchline you never thought you’d hear. A more analogue approach might place the music of Maus in the late 1980s for any eagle eared listener, but in reality it’s up to date and fiercely original, the product of a restless mind. Fans will need no hesitation, but it’s a good introduction for new converts too.
Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5


John Maus – Episode (Official Audio)