Neil Arthur is a busy man. While continuing to pursue the Blancmange moniker with a fresh bout of creative energy, he has been enjoying collaborations with Benge as Fader, and now this Near Future double, realised in collaboration with solo electronic artist Bernholz. It only takes a minute to confirm it was a good move, when the heavy, dubby beat of the title track kicks in. Everything is in place musically, but Arthur’s lyrical contribution raises the level, his blend of English reserve and romanticism a real winner in tracks like ‘Field This’ and ‘Thought Terminating In Your Night’, which is initially a bit too close to home for any insomniacs! Complementing this are the warmer colours of ‘Come And Play’ and the intriguing closing pair of ‘Kites Over Waitrose’, another of Arthur’s sublime pieces of image painting, and ‘Bulk Erase’, a subtly uplifting yet fuzzy slow number. Recommended.
Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5