Loods ‘Walking Away’ (CLASSIC MUSIC COMPANY)

Australian-born producer and DJ Loods definitely has delivered one of the big soulful tracks of the summer with his debut for Luke Solomon’s Classic Music label. At times where everybody is talking about the Roberto Surace track it is good to see, that within the Defected imperium there is still some space for outstanding music with a live soulful feeling to it. ‘Walking Away’ is a summer-ready sounding track with soft keys, a soulful vocal sample and lilting beat that catches you by the very first listen. It’s a record that would have been a very big one end of the 90s and it’s of a quality that can’t be asserted that often nowadays. Currently only available in its Original Mix, I’m quite sure remixes of this will follow. Huge track, congrats to all involved.

4.5 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX