Digital Traffik keeps on lining up the hits. The long running label’s 52nd EP is a split affair featuring one cut each from two top artists. Those artists are Malatoid and Alex Henning and both go nice and deep. Malatoid is an Italian DJ and producer, boss of his own eponymous label and also produces with his brother, while Alex Henning is a German based in Italy who has close ties to this label.

Up first is Flair from Malatoid and it is a deep and loopy house track with rich bass looping way down beneath the main groove. Warm chords radiate from the middle and cute little melodies bring charm to the physical nature of the kicks. It’s a classic dancing track for clued up back rooms and basements. Alex Henning then offers ‘Memento’, another groovy deep house track with vocals adding to the human sounds. The key to it all though is a big sax solo and tinkling piano keys which bring true jazz vibes to the table. It is sure to send floors wild and closes out a fantastic EP.

Reviewed by: Ian Fleming