Metronomy albums always work best in the summer, and this one is no exception. As with ‘The English Riviera’ it’s a look back in time, but on this occasion Joe Mount has gone back only eight years, to the time of Metronomy’s ascent towards greatness. Dancing is the name of the game, but there are some reflective moments too, the ones where Mount has a few regrets for putting his musical project before his relationships and family. ’16 Beat’ details the reasons behind this, a song about the love a man has for his drum machine, while ‘Hang Me Out To Try’ works in the vocals of Robyn to excellent effect, bathed in warm nostalgia. By contrast in the ridiculously catchy ‘Old Skool’ the mood is completely one of celebration. Opener ‘Back Together’ suggests Mount is picking over the bones of a relationship he had in that year, but typically he brings these conflicting emotions to bear over a really danceable groove. This approach means ‘Summer 08’ gets better with each listen, revealing more of its owner’s heart in complement to its dancing feet. Because of that it will make a concerted play for your ears, and more likely than not will win them over.

5 out of 5

Reviewed by: Ben Hogwood