Micky More & Andy Tee ‘The Rhythm’ (GROOVE CULTURE)

Italian duo Micky More and Andy Tee jump from strength to strength as they say and with their fresh imprint Groove Culture they keep the quality high as always, as their new jam ‘The Rhythm’ that features a spoken word by legendary US don Roland Clark, once again shows. We have bespoken the importance of a good bass line numerous times but what a really good bass does to a track, you can see here: it is the dominant element throughout the whole track, it certainly is live played and it causes a funkiness that leads to collective frenzy on any floor. Roland’s vocal is quite reduced and more of a nice adding, but the instrumentation with plenty of Disco esque strings and spot on drums is amazing. Let’s all be happy that there are still producers out there who are able to stand out from the mass like Micky and Andy! Salute!

4 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX