Mousse T ft. TAZ & Inaya Dayb‘Rock The Mic’ (GLITTERBOX)

Germany’s House don Mousse T never was a man of weekly output when it came to singles of his very own, but when he came up with something new, you knew it was something to watch out for. This hasn’t changed over all the years he remains in this bizz and probably will never change as well. What seems to be a certain factor for him and his crew is a commercial hint within his productions, even if they are very special records.
His latest release, forthcoming on Defected’s Disco-esque Glitterbox offshoot, is a very special record indeed. Some may call it a love or hate track as it includes a rap by TAZ which might not apply to everyone, but again THIS and the marvellous production that reminds me on a melange of French Old Skool Disco Filter House vs Classic Film Music, are the key elements that separate this track from the masses of other releases coming through. No wonder the track is co-written by nobody else than Ashley Beedle and Jo Wallace, people who know their shoes for many years. Tried & tested over various occasions by myself, this is already requested and being asked for-so I guess a little crossover jam is in the hands of Simon Dunmore & Co. Kon as one of THE edit kings is on the remix and even adds a nice Acapella, but it’s the Original that will collect the prizes! Huge!!!

4.5 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX