‘Pure nonsense, joy and fun’. That’s the line of thought Mr Oizo is taking for his latest album, which is typically free of padding and flips musical styles with the short attention its creator seems to have! He’s never still for a minute, throwing in funny samples here or unexpectedly tender loops there – entertaining, challenging and energetic. As ever his guest list is intriguing, with a comeback from Flat Eric on ‘End Of The World’, along with Skrillex, a cameo from Charli XCX on ‘Hand In The Fire’ and a typically upfront and explicit vocal from Peaches on ‘Freezing Out’ – don’t play it to your parents! Meanwhile ‘Goulag Drums’ is fun, a fire alarm and bright guitar sound doing battle, before the chunky beats and booms of closing track ‘Useless’ sign off on a high. Mr Oizo has never been one to take himself too seriously, and here again he entertains from start to finish. Lots of killer and very little filler!
4 out of 5
Ben Hogwood