If you have been dancing to house music over the years you will have heard The Jive. It was a big tune released in 1998 by Natural Rhythm that brought them plenty of success., Now they have remixed it themselves and tapped up some of the best artists of the day to also add their own spin. 

Jason Hodges goes for a version that is indebted to the swinging garage scene of the 90s New York. It is nice and rough and will get rich under your skin. Phil Weeks then layers in some wobbly bass and keeps things throughout 90s wit his jazzy keys and lounge St Germain style vocals. Its loved up and sure to get into your affections. Hector Morales goes for something  similarly late night and intimate, party starting and cosy and Jason Hodges from Toronto and John Mörk from Chicago flip it complete into a beach side bit of blissful and laid back ambience with lazy drums and warm chords. Natural Rhythm themselves then round out with a dub and remix that works the tune into something fresh and clean for 2017. This one then still has plenty of life in it yet. 

The Jive Remixes are out now! Grab them here: https://www.beatport.com/release/the-jive-remixes/2074191