Stuart King has lived through plenty of different musical movements. He was there for acid house, there for the breakbeat movement of the 80s, and has been at the coalface ever since. He is someone who works as part of the Sunday Club but also works solo. It is on his own that he steps out now with a new LP, Late Night Obsessions, on the Baroque Records label.

The LP is well informed by years of spinning plates next to some of the biggest DJs in the world. It covers plenty of ground and does so in real style. An atmospheric opener is awash with blissful melodies and beatless moods that really set the scene. From there a warm and deep hose groove is established, wit firefly like synths buzzing about to bring a sense of energy.

Well chosen and perfectly deployed vocal samples make house rollers like Circle of Eight that bit more standout, while Be Free is a soulful and summery tune with a lead line you will be humming for ages. Elsewhere there are more gritty and pained house cuts with tender male vocals and disco leaning tracks with hip swinging claps and a playful sense of groove.

Showing he has real range and a grasp of many different house forms, there are beachy, poolside and pop leaning numbers like Roots with their trilling chords and soaring singalong, then darker and more physical cuts like Cielo which is no doubt a nod tot he legendary New York club of the same name. All in all then, a fine album packed with freshness.

Late Night Obsessions is out now! Grab it here: