Nicky Allen – Right in the Nads

As a kid growing up on a diet of Dreamscape and Dance Planet, I just had to review this new album from oldskool/nu-skool hero Nicky Allen. With Jimmy J & Cru-L-T’s classic ‘Six Days’ being a track that opened my ears up to rave in a big way, I will always have a soft spot for anything Kniteforce related. Originally starting out as a series of fun mashups (NAD / Nicky Allen Dubs) that were never commercially available, these particular tracks do actually see the light of day as they only fuse samples from the legendary Hardcore label itself! These 8 creations will take you back to the mid-nineties in a flash and are fused together in a very creative way indeed, not overdoing things with modern techniques. What a fun release, these would’ve been the ultimate secret weapons back in the day. (as well as now of course!).

Reviewed by Nick Coles