Independent artist albums in Trance are very much a dying breed these days, let alone one’s that contain 20, yes 20!!, fresh and inspiring productions to boot. Hard Trance stalwart Costa Pantazis unleashes his latest project ‘Venetica’ – setting his sights firmly on the uplifting trance arena. ‘Always Coming Home’ delivers a real journey from its progressive beginnings right through to the climaxial and very driving ’Time Is Now’. There are polished vocal interludes from the likes of Danny Claire, Paige Hammond and Shelby Callaghan, to keep things interesting, and a sense of real cohesion across the whole project. Released on 5th March 2018 in both Physical/USB and digital formats at a later date. It’s certainly a breath of fresh air to see someone taking a DIY punt on the physical market with a product that has certainly got legs.

Reviewed by Nick Coles