On his first album for nearly five years, Noah Pred demonstrates once again his versatility as a writer, bringing together analogue and digital sources to make a record that celebrates diversity of styles. Calling it ‘electro’ doesn’t really do justice to the inner workings of dub, house and techno that Pred works with effortlessly, but he always keeps an eye on the overall structure so that ‘Concrescence’ is a tightly knit whole. ‘Mantuss’ is a striking cut, with an oblique and slightly acidic riff sitting over a strong breakbeat, while by contrast ‘Rivers 2’ feels more processed and works its beat as a more straightforward – but equally rewarding – four to the floor. It is this contrast between process and instinct, analogue and digital, fragile and strong, that makes Pred’s music extremely listenable – and which keeps the listener coming back to appreciate the subtle but lasting invention ‘Concrescence’ has to offer.
Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5