After an excellent contribution to Global Underground’s Nubreed series at the tail end of last year, Oliver Schories gets back behind the production desk for an album of dark and brooding house music. Very much in the spirit of his DJ mixes, ‘Blitzbahn’ is a cinematic treat, at home in the club but working equally well when panning out over headphones. The basic titles get to the heart of his style, though you’d probably expect ‘Relief’ to be a bit less steely and brooding than it actually is – and that’s not a criticism! ‘Tagada’ is excellent with its winding bassline, and the lower end is also to the fore on the bigger scope of ‘Magnolia’, which uses what sounds like a doctored cello to atmospheric effect. Schories has a real talent for creating an atmosphere in just a short space of music, and because of that Blitzbahn is a memorable and effective album, a darkly resonating treat.
Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5