There is a huge variety of music on offer here, a testament to the flexibility of New York’s Bunker club. The track selection here rangers from the slow warm up of David Last and Coward – all smoky, low range affairs – to the strutting funk of Mike Servito & Justin Cudmore’s ‘Juice Boxx’. Leisure Muffin’s ‘Isoprene’ is slow burning electro, Ectomorph’s ‘Snake Charmer’ has a background of sinister sounding pads, while Clay Wilson’s ‘Arado’ manages the difficult act of being both still and quick at the same time, depending on how you listen to it! The acid quotient goes ever higher with the likes of Jasen Loveland, Tin Man and Wata Igarashi, the latter’s ‘Adrenochrome’ burning up the floor, but again the selection shows its versatility by cutting to the ultra-deep Neel track ‘Sima’, a wonderfully intimate piece of work. This is just a snapshot to be honest, for there are 26 tracks that are all new and exclusive, making this purchase a no-brainer for fans of techno in all its many shapes and sizes. It is a digital only release, but can be customised with a special USB and t-shirt in celebration of a notable anniversary. Over 3 hours you can see just how far The Bunker has come since 2003 – and equally importantly, how far it still looks set to travel.
Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5