Patchouli Brothers ‘Edits’ (RAZOR N TAPE)  

With Disco edits meanwhile it’s gotten difficult in a way. The common and even originally more underground disco tracks from the 70s are available in numerous re-interpretations and as more and more jocks jump on the Disco train, more and more edits are done. So far so good-or not. Because my impression is, that the so called edit scene has divided itself into two parts: Part one are the more commercial edits of now commercial Disco tracks, and part two consist of people who dig out unknown or rare tracks from the 70s and 80s and polish them up, mostly only slightly. Needless to say that the story is told at some point.

The Patchouli brothers are Canadian diggers extraordinaire, so part of the second section.

They have been delivering the edit goods for years and they always try to pay maximum respect to the Originals which may not result in hands in the air housed up Loleatta Holloway edits, but with quality unknown soul, funk and disco delightfully polished up for the here and now. Nevertheless the duo make their debut on Razor-N-Tape in the finest form possible, with a quartet of exceptionally tasty and soulful edit heat. Leading with a floor-filler that brings people together in early night excitement, then onto a peak time ecstatic bomb, a gospel disco chugger, and finishing with a slow roller for that end-of-night euphoria, this 12” truly has it all. My personal pick is the super funky ‘Emotional Dancing’ but there’s not really anything weak on here. Great!

4.5 out of 5

Reviewed by MANNIX