Yuksek ‘Dance ‘O’ Drome’ (PARTYFINE)

Yuksek - Hypra - Sensorial (feat. Páula Voyou)


Pierre-Alexandre Busson may not be familiar to many of you when hearing his real name-but he surely will when it comes to his artist name: Yuksek. He’s certainly one of modern Disco’s great international ambassadors both with his productions and remixes plus he’s a very well respected DJ who spins records all over the world.

Putting out an album on your own label gives you the best possible freedom you can get as an artist, and that’s exactly what you can hear by listening to the man’s new longplayer which is due these days.

The new album shares its name and eclectic philosophy with the Dance ’O’ Drome show on Radio Nova, expanding upon the kaleidoscopic musical universe he created with 2020’s ‘Nosso Ritmo’.  A glorious fusion of Brazilian luminosity and esoteric dance sensibilities, ‘Dance ’O’ Drome’ effortlessly glides through diverse sonics. Formed with a magnetic disco core, explosions of punk-funk are pitched against feverish Italo refrains, the compelling soundscapes paying homage to the filtered house of seminal Parisian label, Roulé, the languid Balearic disco of Metro Area, and plenty more in between. Key tracks on the album are ‘Fantasia’ which sets the fusionist tone, with Alex Rossi and Jo Wedin providing a seductive Italo duet over blissed-out poolside instrumentation and sun-soaked island refrains. Plus ‘Roulette’ which offers a loving ode to the golden-age of French disco house. But there’s plenty more on Yuksek’s fifth studio album from Afro Disco to Balearic grooves, sun drenched Disco House and classic funkers-coupled with great singers and musicians like Diogo Strausz, Nu Azeite, Isaac Delusion, Paula Yoyou or M.I.L.K. to name but a few. All in all this is one of the best albums this year so far-a must have record as they say.

4 .5 out of 5


Reviewed by MANNIX