Patrick Topping ‘Baddie’ EP (Repopulate Mars)

This writer was hugely enamoured with the first release on Lee Foss’ new imprint Repopulate Mars, where Foss swerved his own productions for a smorgasbord of loads of others. Round two is now here and again there’s no self promotion on show as he lets one man go for dolo, a man he helped shape at Hot Creations Patrick Topping.

Here’s there’s tracks of bass drenched hosue goodness which showcase why Topping remains one of the most feted figures around. Opener ‘Baddie’ lets loose on an almost tribal vibe with an intense chattering vibe, kind of like a low slung version of Roska’s skittering UK funky house hybrids of a few years back. Chattering whirrs add an animal abandon and keep the groove locked, before it lurches into warped synth territory on the three and a half minute mark. If any record could somehow describe the carnival laced hedonism of Elrow this a close attempt.

The rest of the EP is just as good, ‘Majestic’ lulls you into a false sense of security with it’s twinkling melodies that fall by the wayside for a ten tonne bassline midway through, whilst ‘Captivate’ is a moody chugger that drips in snatches of a female urging to “captivate my heart”. Two releases in and Foss is well set up to be doing just that with his new venture.

Reviewed by: Jimmy Coultas