For those of you that still don’t know (and I hope it ain’t many) PEZNT is the project of Blacksouls Tom Pasanec and fellow countryman Dejan Markovic, both hailing from Croatia. The project soon will hit album status and has lead into single output on labels like Strictly Rhythm, DFTD or Dirtybird. What I like about the duo is the fact, that they go for straight House Music as we used to know it, no silly experiments, no uber cool eclectic moves, just plain House Music. Their new offer on Motive Records is no exception to the rule as it contains rolling beats, a serious bass, well kown vocal snippets (no, it ain’t JX) and superb synth work. This is no nonsense House in its crispiest form, can’t wait for the album!

4 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX