With the current Corona situation the weeks seem to pass by faster than we can think of. Maybe that’s one of the reasons Heist Records honchos Detroit Swindle come up with probably the first summer release of this year! The name of Pitto’s new EP on the mentioned label suggests it already-the music does the rest. Although industry heavyweight Pete Herbert is on remix duties and delivers a very nice Disco infused electronic interpretation of title track ‘Sammie’ the Original Mix of it is the standout track of the EP. Magical piano riffs get thrown into the melting pot with bouncy Nu Disco beats, sweet vocal snippets, deep synths and a slice of tropical percussion. This track has got BALEARIC written all over it. If you think that’s enough already, you get two more tracks on top of it. ‘Discko’ takes a darker approach with a deep and ‘dubby’ low end and a guitar riff that wouldn’t be out of place on a Caribou track. The horn section and synth lead give it a real crossover appeal and it’s the kind of track you imagine working just as well on a summer festival as in a dark basement.‘Baila’, finally is a proto inspired acid stomper with a nice wink to early 90’s dance music vocals. An acid line gives the track its backbone, but it’s the combination of Pitto’s chords and instrumentation that give this track it’s unique edge. Verdict: Very strong!

4.5 out of 5

Reviewed by MANNIX