German duo Platzdasch & Dix once started out producing Disco infused edits and Original productions, but somehow have evolved to become a relevant figure when it comes to soul drenched but still peaky Deep House grooves. Their brand new EP on legendary King Street offshoot Nite Grooves is no exception to the rule-two really outstanding tracks to check out closely. ‘Sharp Motion’ is characterized by an irresistible groove that slowly moves back to a nice little breakdown whilst percussive beat programming adds the necessary oomph to it. Needless to say the keyboard work is amazing as this continues with the second track called ‘Stewpid’. If I had the hard choice of picking out one of the two tracks, I would take this as it is even better. It certainly is more soulful thanks to laid back keys, but still very pounding-simply because of an amazing bass. A live recorded flute adds some magic melody wise. All in all this is another proof of P&D being a couple on the international watch list!

4.5 out of 5

Reviewed by MANNIX