Martin Wheeler is about to shock and surprise with his upcoming third album, Afterglow, as he delves back to his earliest sonic experiments in the 80s. ‘A Field’ is one of the few tracks which could be directed at a dancefloor, riding a prickly electro-house groove with undulating bass action drenched in disembodied, dubbed-out flutes. Unlike anything else around right now. The epic Noctambular Mix takes into the realms of deepest space techno with bottomless, swelling pads, scuttling pulses, bleeps and other-worldly flute flurries. The non-album ‘Mooghausexy’ is a bouncy meting between minimal electro-tech and 80s-style synth-smacker action with a dislocated electro-funk groove not unlike Prince on mushrooms, an effect heightened by the cut-up vocals. The man gets more fascinating as his career unfolds.

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: KRIS NEEDS