With ‘Paradygm Shift’ Robert Hood visits the scene of past, early 1990s glories – and Dutch label Dekmantel have the honour of bringing them home to his devoted audience. If you’ve been a fan of Hood for that time you will know his speciality areas – driving bass lines, tracks with a nippy bpm that have a hard but not aggressive kick drum that rolls in the deep, going right through the floor on tracks like ‘Idea’ and ‘Pneuma’. There is energy aplenty here, as Hood applies his characteristic minimal productions over the top, music that is all about the movement it stimulates. The synths on the extended version of ‘Lockers’ twinkle like stars, while on ‘Solid Thought’ they simmer just above the horizon. ‘Thought Process’, meanwhile, is more compact in its approach. You know exactly what you’re getting here – no holds barred techno, basic but thrilling in its execution.

Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5