10 years of SMD, one of the most incendiary of recent electronic artists in their no holds barred approach on debut ‘Attack Decay Sustain Release’. That album sharpened the knives to thrilling effect, but as they have gone through a decade the duo, Jas Shaw and James Ford, have plotted an interesting course. More recently they have ended up in softer climes but with equally interesting, Balearic-influenced material. As so often the early cuts are the best here  – ‘Tits & Acid’ and the classic ‘Hustler’ for instance – but from ‘Temporary Pleasure’ comes the great vocal behind ‘Cruel Intentions’, and from Unpatterns we have the excellent ‘Seraphim’ and ‘Your Love Ain’t Fair’, both bona fide bangers. It will be interesting to see where they head next – but this is a thrilling collection of music that demands your dancing feet.
Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5