Simina Grigoriu is a truly multi national musical talent. She was born in Romania but born in Toronto and initially had a deep love for hip hop. As the years rolled on, though, she turned to house and techno and eventually ended up living in Berlin. Now she is back on a new label after a fine debut and offers two top tracks.

Nunchaku is first and is a moody affair with thundering claps. It rolls deep and takes you with it. As time passes it grows more energetic and really hits a nice peak. A Barber remix reworks it into a more streamlined techno roller with classic hi hats and then comes Kubotan. This one is more funky and feel good, with spacious and inviting house kicks grooving along like a nice breeze. Nora Matisse provides two different remixes of this one – a tech bumpy remix and a deep and groovy remix and they are perfectly named because both do just that. As such this is another landmark please for this young label and more great beats from the talented Simina Grigoriu.

Reviewed by: Ian Fleming