If you like proper techno then you will already no doubt be familiar with Simina Grigoriu, a Producer with many credits to her name and someone who plays high profile gigs all round the world. Simina is known for taking great inspiration from her travels and so it is that which informs her own new label, Kuukou, which manes “Airport” in Japanese.

There is lots to get excited about across the package, with meaty techno on offer everywhere you look. The first cut is ‘Techno Monkey’ and is a barrelling, fulsome track with slick drums and synths really getting under your skin. Ron Flatter turns out an excellent remix that is laced with sirens and airy hi-hats and tons of energetic vibes. Ninja Princess is next and is a more of a House feeling tune with female coos and big chords shimmering through out. The three different remixes all offer different thinned, including a dubbed out deep cut, a more raved affair with big stabs and bright synths a melancholic one with sadness in its bones.

Reviewed by: Ian Fleming